Aaron Parnell

As a vitality coach, Aaron assists people in making lifestyle and work-style choices that lead to wholeness, fulfillment and optimum vitality.

Developer of Reposturing Dynamics, Aaron trains and certifies practitioners in the specialized techniques to improve posture and self-esteem and a host of other positive tangible benefits. 

An expert in stress management, health and fitness, “The Vitality Man” lectures, leads seminars and writes a Question & Answer column for people who want peak performance in lifestyle and livelihood.

In 1994, 10 years after the 1984 Olympics Aaron held the very first Reposturing Training. Since that first class Aaron has trained over 1,000 health professionals in Reposturing techniques that currently hold nationally recognized accreditations. In Aarons’ practice he has helped over 30,000 people improve their athletic performance; achieve freedom from pain; and experience vitality they can actually see. Additionally, Aaron developed a wide variety of exercises and stretches specific for posture and alignment based on the personal needs and desires of the many clients he has served over the past 30 years. Aaron has produced two Reposturing Fitness DVDs, which include specific stretches and exercises that almost anyone can do on their own to improve their posture.

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